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Interplayers Professional Theater has closed amid ongoing financial struggles.
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Volunteer service at Interplayers Professional Theatre is invaluable!

Student Internships/Workstudy

Interplayers Theatre is pleased to invite students from all high schools and colleges to work and learn at our historic theatre in a wide range of fields. From technical assistance, to box office and ticket sales, and many other exciting and educational experiences, we want you to be a part of the Interplayers family.  Please contact our theatre at (509) 455-PLAY (7529) for more information.

Interplayers ushers direct patrons, answer questions and help the theatre meet the needs of patrons. Ushers are are relied upon throughout the production season, from September through June.  Shirley Wilson is the Usher Coordinator and would be happy to accept your application.  Call 624-9790.

Office help
Interplayers subscription drives involve lots of envelope stuffing. We make it fun by hosting "stuffing parties." It's a great way to meet new people and learn more about how your theatre works. The theatre has an ongoing need for these volunteers. Call 509-455-PLAY or email

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