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Interplayers Professional Theater has closed amid ongoing financial struggles.
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Directed by Rodger Sorensen

May 3 - May 20, 2012

Taking Steps
by Alan Ayckbourn

Farce first produced during Interplayers’ 13th Season in winter, 1994. In an antic game of “Who’s on first,” six people run amok through a three-story Victorian country house during one long and comically chaotic night and morning. As the property owner meets his prospective buyer and a lawyer to complete the sale of the house, the buyer’s loopy maybe-ex-wife, her brother and his fiancée make the transaction comically and unimaginably complicated. All this takes place on a highly ingenious and original set in which all the rooms, passages and stairs of all three floors are on a single level.

Rodger Sorensen director of Taking Steps at Interplayers Professional Theatre
Directed by
Rodger Sorensen

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Ruthless! The Musical

June 21 - July 8, 2012

by Joal Paley and Marvin Laird

Directed by
Troy Nickerson

Eight year old Tina Denmark knows she was born to play Pippi Longstocking and she will do anything to win the part in her school musical. Anything includes murdering the leading lady! This aggressively outrageous musical hit garnered rave reviews during its long Off Broadway run (which opened with Brittany Spears in the lead role).



Sylvia St. Croix

David Gigler

Judy Denmark

Michelle Philbin

Tina Denmark

Sophia Caruso

Myrna Thorn

Tamara Schupman

Louise Lerman

Mathias Oliver

Lita Encore

Marianne McLaughlin


Aubrey Shimek

Miss Block

Tamara Schupman


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