At Interplayers Theatre you'll find a team of dedicated individuals who take pride in providing our audiences with quality, professionally developed productions.

This team includes everyone from our directors to set designers, to program creators, ushers and many more.

So at Interplayers, you'll experience not only professionally trained actors and extraordinary performances, but through your experience you may interact with some of the many people who help bring quality theatre to this region.
Photos by Robert Zeller

Artistic Director
Reed McColm

Business Manager
(509) 455-PLAY -or- 509-954-7143

Box Office Staff
Pam Popp
Robert Zeller

House Managers
Pam Popp

Alison Hockett
Christie Jacobs

Usher Coordinator
Shirley Wilson

Business Advisor
Dick Malone, CPA

House Photographer
Justin Schmidt
Damon Mentzer

Mary Ann McCurdy   

Charitable Donations
Sophie DuFrasnes